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Victoria G.
I am Victoria. I recently turned 12.  I’m in the 6th  grade, and I just started coming to Bullard TALENT this year. Last year I loved visual performing arts. This year I’m in Concert Choir. I like singing, dancing and drawing. When I grow up, I want to be a fashion designer. I am really interested in fashion. So being part of BT Spotlight I will be covering my opinion on the latest fashion. I’ve been into fashion since I was like 9 years old and have loved fashion ever since.    I’m part of a family of six: my dad, mom, brothers, sister, and me. My dad’s name is Larry; my mom’s name is Nellie; my older brother's name is Vicente; my sister's name is Brianna; and my little brother's name is Larry  I have a fish named Gobbels, and it’s a baby gold fish. I also have a puppy pit bull, and her name is Isabell.   My future goals are to get a degree in fashion and design which hopefully leads me to opening my own business   establishing my own clothing line. With the hard work and sacrifice, I am hopeful that my dreams will become a reality. I really want to become my dream one day.    

Victoria G., Writer

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