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Kalena V.
Hey!  I’m Kalena. You probably don’t know me, even though I’ve been a staff member of the BT Spotlight since 6th grade and attending Bullard TALENT since 2nd. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I’m into fandoms, especially Harry Potter; music, particularly rap and rock; and food. Let me rephrase that: without harry potter my life wouldn’t have any meaning, without music, life in general wouldn’t have meaning, and life without food nutella wouldn’t even be a life worth living. Introductions aside, I guess you should get to know me a little better. I could bore you and talk about the names of everybody in my family and that I go to Bullard TALENT, obviously I go to Bullard TALENT how else would this be on the school website? Instead, I’ll bore you by telling you my favorite subjects and why I chose Bullard TALENT. Or, I can talk about different stuff, for once. Long introduction, I know, anyway… I’ll start telling you about myself. Honestly. I’m not going into full details about myself and my secrets, but I’ll tell you enough for you to know a little bit about me. I like reading, baking, and hanging out with my friends and family. I tend to read about fictional topics, specifically dystopian societies. I like cooking with my mom and my grandma, but I bake alone. I’ll do pretty much anything as long as I’m with my friends or family because those people can make anything fun. I am not sure exactly what I’ll be writing about this year, but hopefully you will enjoy! If you don’t like my writing, I respect that. Maybe you should join the to help make it even better than it already is. I guess that’s it, hope you enjoy!!!

Kalena V., Writer

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