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Crystal R.
Hi! My name is Crystal R. I am 12 years old. I go to Bullard TALENT; I’ve been here since 4th grade and, I am now in the 7th grade. I was born March 11, 2003 24 minutes before my twin.  I also have a twin sister named Isabel. Sometimes, she gets on my nerves but I still love her to death. I also like being a twin because I like to mix people up with Izzy. My squad is Isabel, Bella,and Isley. I love to play the ‘cello; I’ve played the ‘cello since 5th grade. I am in Advanced Orchestra, and we take a yearly trip. This year we are going to Hollywood, and we will perform for judges. My favorite kind of food is Mexican food. My favorite movie is the Hunger Games Series . My favorite sport is Softball.I have played Softball since I was four years old. I have played travel softball for four years, and we travel to play ASA teams. We play a triple-crown tournament - it is a week long tournament. A triple-crown tournament is when people around the world that play softball go to the tournament; the location changes every year. I also love to play volleyball for Bullard TALENT. My future goals are to go to Harvard and study Cardiology. I also want to be a 4.0 student because I want a  full-ride scholarship to Harvard. I will be talking about sports. Make sure to visit @thebtspotlight.com, I am excited to write for BT!

Crystal R., Writer

Oct 03, 2015
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