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Ashley C.
Hi my name is Ashley C. I am in the 6th grade and I have been at Bullard TALENT for seven years now (I love it here). Even though I am in the 6th grade, I am still 10 years old because I started Kindergarten when I was only four years old. One of my absolute favorite things to do is gymnastics. I am on a competitive level four gymnastics team. Competitive gymnastics basically means that my team and I go to different cities and compete against other gymnasts. I practice 12 hours a week at Gymnastics Beat. It’s a lot of hard work, but it all pays off. I’m also a cadet Girl Scout; I like Girl Scouts because I get to help other people, and I get to do a lot of other fun activities. Another thing I like to do is read; books are very interesting to me.  I make my AR goal every year. I also made the million word club the last two years. I hope I make it again this year because the end of year party is great.  In my family, I have a mom, dad, brother, dog, and cat. My mom’s name is Ronda, my dad’s name is Michael, my brother’s name is Marcus my cat's name is Jumper, and my dog's name is Jax. Some of my favorite foods are watermelon, steak, and orange chicken. I wanted to join the BT Spotlight because I love to write and I love Mrs.  Tacchino- she is so sweet. I am really looking forward to this semester!!!!!! :)

Ashley C., Writer

Sep 25, 2015
Third Grade Play (Story)
Bullard TALENT K-8